Licenses & features at a glance

Our licenses at a glance

For our R<THINK web application, you have a choice of two licenses, the R<THiNK Business License and the R<THiNK Professional License. Both licenses offer an unlimited number of users within the same account.

The Professional License has a number of additional features compared to the Business License: 

  • an import function that makes it easy for you to import large amounts of data at once;
  • a 'mapping' function that ensures that, among other things, environmental profiles can be managed at company level instead of per calculation;
  • the creation of templates (default substantiations, descriptions, assumptions) for groups of products so that you can make adjustments centrally instead of having to adjust dozens of calculations.

For both R<THiNK licenses, in addition to Dutch, EPDs can also be made for European countries and/or applications, for which other LCA methods - and possibly national supplements - apply. By selecting the right LCA method in advance, the calculations in R<THiNK will be based on current laws and regulations. You can now choose from the following LCA methods:

  • Netherlands - National Environmental Database (set 1 + set 2)
  • Belgium - B-EPD (EN 15804+A1 and EN 15804+A2)
  • Germany - Ecobility Experts (EN 15804+A1 and EN 15804+A2)
  • Europe - EN 15804+A1, EN 15804+A2 (ECO Platform)
  • Inside/Inside - interior products 

More add on features

R<THiNK provides a number of special features that allow you to extend the Business or Professional License.

  • For example, Corporate (€950/year) allows you to manage accounts at the corporate level and to create users and assign them rights.
  • Especially for experienced LCA experts, a personalized LCA Expert Function is available (€ 475/year). This function offers one person within your organization extra functionality when it comes to your corporate database(s). This extension is subject to a number of specific conditions, as a result of which this function is only available on request.
Up-to-date service

To understand the environmental performance of your products, we believe it is important to have reliable and up-to-date information. That is why the R<THiNK up-to-date service is a standard part of our licenses. 

As soon as any changes in LCA methods, software or environmental profiles are known, R<THiNK incorporates these changes into all data. Your company database is also automatically included in this update. This R<THiNK up-to-date service assures you will have the latest data for calculating the environmental impact of your products.