Overview, insight, future perspective

R<THiNK is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is a scientifically based web application that allows organizations to efficiently produce LCAs of their building materials.

R<THiNK provides organizations with insight into the environmental performance of their products at different product life cycles and enables them to analyze, optimize, report and compare products.

With a license, R<THiNK handles the set-up of your account in the R<THiNK web application, after which you can access your account directly from any device with an internet connection. Your data is synchronized everywhere.

No need to buy, install and maintain software or hardware. R<THiNK offers an up-to-date service centrally. Based on user feedback, improvements in software are made automatically. Changes in LCA methods and in the underlying databases are processed as well as their impact on your specific company database.
Of course the security of all your data has our highest priority. .

Directly on your screen

R<THINK dashboard
R<THINK environmental profile
R<THINK product composition
R<THINK realtime results
R<THINK review proces